Watch This Razor Spinner Top Slash Through Everything in Its Way

Kathleen Villaluz

What do you get when someone is armed with a few household products, some industrial materials, a video camera, and a YouTube account? A video about a razor spinner top violently slashing through a range of things from sausages to crayons and even a RedBull can. And to what purpose is it to destroy things ultimate Beyblade style? Well, because he can!

Giaco Whatever, the YouTuber who did this experiment, created a DIY spinner top and attached razor blades to it. He uses pressurized air to charge the spinner top with rapid rotation then lets go of it on a downward incline towards the target objects.

First up, a group of vulnerable sausages had to face the monster spinner and didn't stand a chance against it. The result? Finely sliced wieners - how crafty. He also put the ultimate Beyblade to test against other vulnerable subjects like balloons, a potato, a half banana, and straws. If you skip through to 1:14 minutes, you will witness a group of crayons that have fallen in line and was violently sliced one by one. Apart from one crayon in line that was missed out but the razor spinner surprisingly went back to slash it on its own. And that's the scariest thing about this razor spinner, it has a mind of its own and it won't spare anything unslashed.

The highlight of this video, though, are the pressurized cans that explode when the razor spinner makes a slight contact. So, for the exploding finale, a RedBull can is put to test with damaging results. It was able to slice the can in half and dispose of all of its content. It also made a sound similar to when you open up a can of cola - the razor spinner gives you the full can experience, how thoughtful.

Via Giaco Whatever


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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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