Watch This Remote-Controlled Airbus A380 Take the Skies

It is impossible to distinguish this small replica from a real-sized plane when it takes off.
Derya Ozdemir

There is no limit to how great remote-controlled vehicles can be: they embody all the greatness of the actual product in a smaller size when they are conceived as replicas. In this video by the YouTube channel RCScaleAirplanes, you can watch the replica of an Airbus A380 from THAI Airways in 1/13 scale take flight, but be prepared, it becomes really hard to distinguish it from a real-sized plane when it hits the skies.

Christopher Ferkl, who works as an IT manager for an aviation-oriented firm called TEST-FUCHS, is the man behind the relatively small yet majestic replica. In an interview with Aviation Geeks, Ferkl stated that he has been flying model airplanes for more than three decades, and he always had a special love for the A380 which is why he started building it in September 2017.

He also stated that the construction of the aircraft required him to be good at many tasks such as handling carbon, milling, woodworking, priming, and know aerodynamics pretty well. Overall, one of the most difficult parts to do was getting the wings right, and the calculation of the center of gravity was also pretty challenging, but he was able to finish it in two years. According to the description box, this is the second flight for the technical acceptance of the aircraft, so sit back and enjoy!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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