Watch this Rocket Powered RC Car Attempting for a World Record Jump

Can an RC car jump an obstacle without a ramp? Simply add a rocket and stand back to enjoy the show.

Insane YouTuber David Windestal asked himself the question: how can I get my remote control (RC) car to jump over an obstacle if I don’t have a ramp? Of course, the answer if you are Windestal, is to add a rocket to it.

This video shows the toy car heading straight for an abandoned gas tank before the ignition of the rocket which sends the car straight up into the air. Unfortunately, while it was able to go up with relative ease, the fall, or at least the impact was not so easy. 

The car sustained some very intense damage, so it was unable to be used for another experimental jump on this day. Windestal is a very friendly and happy-go-lucky Swede who was not put off by the seeming destruction of his car.

The friendly host looks keen on making some adjustments to the car and rocket before heading out again to attempt new jumps. We hope Elon Musk isn’t watching this video. It is best if the Hyperloop and SpaceX remain far apart from each other.

If you are thinking about attempting this fairly dangerous experiment at home you’ll need a remote controlled car, and Windestal used a 1:10 scale HobbyKing Desert Fox RC car,  as well as a rocket, that can provide about 54kg (120lbs) of thrust for 0.4 seconds.

Via: David Windestal

Watch this Rocket Powered RC Car Attempting for a World Record Jump

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