Watch This Rocket-Powered Sword Neatly Slice a Drone in Half

Two Swedish YouTube users attached a razor-sharp katana sword to take out a drone. Not just any katana sword, however. It's a flying katana sword.
Jessica Miley

Drones are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Go to a wedding or sports match and they’ll be there likely capturing the big moments. But what if there is a drone that isn’t where it should be? Like spying on your personal property? Well if you are in the United States, there isn’t much you can do it about it. It is actually illegal to damage another person's personal drone, no matter where it is flying. (Unless of course, you are the military and the drone is in your airspace.)

But in Europe, they do things differently. Particularly in Sweden. Watch this video of two crazy Swedish guys split a drone in half using a Japanese Katana sword. The channel's owner, David Windestal, makes a bunch of videos using his own rocket powered giant knife. Like all good backyard scientists, the channel features a watermelon meetings its maker via the sword too!

The drone is cut almost cleanly in half, slicing the battery and severing the electronic PCB board. The razor sharp sword is mounted on a rail with firing canisters that hold hobby rockets. When the rockets are lit, the sword takes off at an insane speed. Ok so it's not really a good solution to end your pesky neighbor's drone habits, but it does make very entertaining watching!

The Swedish Transport Agency estimates that in Sweden there are between 50,000 and 100,000 drones. Flying drones with a camera without a proper license was illegal in the Scandinavian country for some time, but the law was reversed this time last year.

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