Watch This Rubik's Cube Solve Itself in under A Minute

Not only that, but it also levitates.
Fabienne Lang

The Rubik's Cube is no new gadget or toy. Invented 45 years ago by Hungarian architect, Erno Rubik, it has reached the hands of almost everyone, as it works our brains.

YouTuber, Human Controller, has a fascination with the colorful hand-held object, which has led him to create and share this inspiring video.

Not only does the Rubik's Cube solve itself — in under a minute — but it does so in mid-air.

This isn't the first time Human Controller posts a Rubik's Cube-centric video. Last year he also posted one where the cube solved itself, but it did so from the palm of his hand. Having worked on the contraption for a year now, this YouTuber has solved the riddle of how to levitate the cube, by using magnets that are placed inside the cube. 

To begin with, the cube is held in the hands of the Human Controller, as he twists and turns its sides. Then, the cube is carefully placed in the correct spot, where it starts to turn and twist its colored corners by itself. 

The trick? The cube's inner 3D-printed core is powered by servo motors.

Watch and see for yourself just how a Rubik's Cube can solve itself while levitating in mid-air, it almost looks like a Harry Potter spell is working its magic.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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