Watch This Talk for a Fascinating Insight into the Future of Medicine

Doctors replaced by wearable technology and artificial intelligence? Watch this video to learn more.
Fabienne Lang

Dr. Derek O'Keefe gives a fascinating talk about the future of medicine in this video. As a physician and an engineer, his combined education and knowledge prove useful for what could turn out to be the future of medicine: digital doctors

What is a digital doctor? You'll just have to watch this video to find out.

But, what we will tell you is that it encompasses wearable technology and artificial intelligence. 

For example, NASA's Nemo mission research sees astronauts-to-be, or in training, wearing portable packs so as to gauge their sleep patterns and temperatures in order to provide the best possible mission environment.

This technology has many uses, not merely set to NASA's standards. Elite sportsmen and women reap the benefits of this technology as well. 

As for the everyday consumer, there will be something for us too, in the form of smart fabrics. Essentially, our clothes will be able to measure our physiological signals. Imagine receiving a text message from your t-shirt letting you know your temperature is high? Best to rest up. 

As for the artificial intelligence part of digital doctors: through our patterns and wearable clothes, the artificial intelligence created will be able to warn us about potential illnesses we're heading towards based on our living patterns.