Watch This Tesla Model S Catch Air After Hitting Train Tracks

A 46-year-old driver of a Tesla Model S sent the car skyward after jumping railroad tracks -- an impressive feat given the car's low center of gravity.
Shelby Rogers

One of Tesla's most impressive safety features comes from its relatively low center of gravity. The large battery pack at the bottom of the vehicle weights the car down and makes it hard for the car to go airborne or flip. 

That only makes this particular video all that more fascinating. 

A security camera at a school in the Barrie, Ontario area captured a Tesla Model S catching serious air after running over a railway track. 

The massive jump sent the car airborne and landed the vehicle into the lane of oncoming traffic over 100 feet away before the car crashed into a tree. 

Local newspaper Barrie Today reported the 46-year-old driver and passenger were taken to a local hospital after crashing in the nearby school parking lot. They were both treated for minor injuries. 

According to Barrie Police, the driver will wind up in court, and the fact that this accident occurred near school property won't go unnoticed.

"It may look 'cool' and like something from out of the movies," Barrie Police tweeted, "but in reality the action of this driver put many lives at risk, including his own. He now faces Criminal Charges and will appear in court in October."

YouTube comments have ranged from jokes about the car being equipped with SpaceX capabilities to Dukes of Hazard references. However, one YouTube commenter was not a fan.