Watch This Video AI System Immediately Track a Shoplifter

A new Japanese AI system could reduce shoplifting as much as 40 percent and quickly alert store owners.
Shelby Rogers

Criminals beware; authorities have a number of new tools at their disposal for identifying and tracking down suspects. One prime example of this is in a new artificial intelligence security camera called the "A.I. Guardman." It was developed by Japanese telecommunications company NTT East in partnership with a startup called Earth Eyes Corporation. 

In this video, the AI camera tracks and captures a shoplifter, identifying him with ease in the middle of shoplifting. The system then alerts the store clerk, and the Guardman can even identify products suspiciously out of place. A suspected shoplifter is then logged in the system's database. The system is easily installed and doesn't require much technical knowledge at the shop owners end. 

NTT East plans on the camera being in roughly 10,000 stores within the next three years. The camera itself will be sold next month for $2,150. There's an additional $40 fee for a monthly subscription to have the cloud computing video analytics. 

According to its makers, the camera system is able to reduce shoplifting by roughly 40 percent. While those numbers might seem incredibly high for a startup's success, they might have some footing. The system runs on open source technology initially developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Via: Earth eyes

Watch This Video AI System Immediately Track a Shoplifter  

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