Watch This Video and Learn How To Build Your Very Own Cabin Using Mostly Bags Filled with Earth

This video will show you how to use earthbags, or sandbags filled with subsoil, to create a perfect, eco-friendly shed, cabin, or workshop.
Fabienne Lang

If you’ve ever dreamed of building your very own mini cabin, or storage space and either didn’t know how to or couldn’t afford to buy a pre-made one, then today’s your lucky day. This video breaks down the process in a clear and simple way. You’ll need a bit of patience and energy, but just have a look at it to find out more.

Costing under $300 in total, build your very own small shed or workshop in a great and cost-effective way. You’ll mostly just need 600 sandbags, earth, and clay (subsoil), recycled timber, and a bit of energy.

This way of building is incredible as it involves mostly recycled or upcycled products. Want a log inspired side wall? Sure. Feel like adding some river rocks to the entrance? Not a problem. The list of possibilities is only limited to your imagination. So long as it can be stuck to a wall, it can be done.

The concept is simple. We won’t give everything away, as it’s more fun to watch and learn through the video, but there’s a very user-friendly way of filling the sandbags with subsoil, you’ll be done with that part in no time. Barbed-wire acting as velcro is a great alternative, as is hay and compost for a roof. Watch and discover the many uses of different materials. 

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