Watch this Video to Find Out What's Inside a Tesla Motor

Have you ever wanted to break apart and see what's inside a Tesla motor? This Youtuber did it for you.
Chris Young

Want to know what makes a Tesla tick? YouTube channel What'sInside has taken a deep dive into the Tesla motor to show you what's going on under the hood.

As one individual says in the video, before the engine is taken apart, "there's not a lot of stuff on the internet about this." More reason to break it apart and have a look.

Some of the parts and materials the youtubers found inside the 2012 Tesla Model S motor include blue coolant, transmission fluid, a large computer processor, PCB boards, and giant gears.

As many commenters on the video correctly point out, the video's title (What's inside a Tesla Engine?) is in fact wrong. Tesla vehicles do not sport internal combustion engines.

Rather than an engine, Tesla vehicles (as well as all other fully-electric vehicles) contain a motor, which is powered by the car's powerful battery pack.

Internal combustion gasoline engines are more vulnerable to wear and tear. In comparison, the electric motor has less moving parts that are nevertheless incredibly technologically advanced.

Essentially, what we see in this video is housed in many of our everyday objects, such as smartphones, in a much simpler form.

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The video gives a fascinating insight into the inner workings of what is one of the most advanced electric motors there is. 

What's more, as this is a 2012 model, Tesla has upgraded the motor further since that time.

Most notably perhaps, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently said that for its Tesla Semi, the company is looking to have a maximum range of approximately 600 miles.

Tesla's electric motor technology is so advanced in fact, that, as Elektrek reports, Daimler's head of trucks said that Tesla's Semi "passed them by" with its impressive technology.

He also suggested Elon Musk's company is defying the laws of physics.

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