Watch This Volcano Project Perfectly Mimic the Real Thing

It's as real as a volcano reaction can get.

We have all seen or done the volcano project where you put vinegar and baking soda in a small volcano and watch it erupt out of the sides. It's a cool experiment but not too exciting. 

YouTuber The Action Lab, who is always bringing us the coolest experiments, is back with a volcano experiment that is way neater (and more dangerous ) than the original volcano project. He uses ammonium dichromate to do this experiment and we dare you not to be impressed!

Before we proceed, we should warn you that ammonium dichromate is a carcinogen and is highly toxic so you may not want to try this experiment at home.

The YouTuber places a small batch of orange ammonium dichromate in the shape of a volcano on a large piece of paper. He then proceeds to light it up. 

What happens next is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The solution keeps on burning and releasing both a grey vapor and grey dust. It's as real as a volcano reaction can get.

Better yet, it doesn't stop until all the orange ammonium dichromate has been consumed. What exactly is this burning solution releasing? And are its byproducts still dangerous and toxic? Watch the video to find out. 

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