Watch This YouTuber Capture Magnetic Fields in Slow Motion

Want to see what magnetic fields look like in slow motion? Today is your lucky day.

From the early days as a kid in school, magnetic fields have always been fascinating. Those first steps into the world of physics exposed you to a range of fun experiments that was exciting and for good reason too.

There is something magical about seeing a magnetic force in action. The video by the Youtube channel, Magnetic Games is no different.

In the aptly titled video, Magnetic Fields in Slow Motion, the YouTuber shows off a magnetic trick and demonstration that never gets old no matter how many times you watch it. In the experiment, the YouTuber gives viewers a brief breakdown on how to create the project.

Using a bunch of tools and items you can find around the house, the YouTuber builds a project that brings magnetic fields to life. The project items are comprised of four wooden blocks, a recycled plastic cover, magnetite sand, and of course the stars of the show, a death Magnet, and the Goliath Magnet.

In the video, the YouTuber releases the magnets on the magnetite covered bench to capture what happens once the magnets make contact. Shot in slow motion, the video showcases the beautiful patterns that appear, triggered by the magnetic field.

Be sure to check out the video above for more information and to see the experiment come to life.

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