Watch These Watermelons Get Annihilated by a 12 Gauge Shotgun Loaded with .50 BMG Bullets

Jessica Miley

We saw a watermelon get destroyed by the world’s biggest super soaker. Now see what happens when you shoot a watermelon with a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with .50 BMG bullets. As you’d expect, the watermelon is annihilated. But watching the whole thing in slow motion is awesome. The bulbous fruit almost gets peeled inside out by the bullet. But of course, that isn’t enough for the Crazy Russian Hacker. He then lines up five watermelons to see what damage will be done. Surprisingly the bullet gets stopped at watermelon number three. Check the video for the full watermelon carnage.  

We’ve featured a few Crazy Russian Hacker videos in the past. He never fails to impress with weird ideas that get executed in a terrifyingly casual way. In this video, the crazy hacker shoves the .50 BG bullets into shotgun shells, so that they’ll fit inside his 12 gauge shotgun. The bullets were invented for the .50 caliber machine gun in the late 1910s. It is a well-known gun rule, not to mix ammunition and weapons. But the Crazy Russian seems to be able to pull off these high-risk activities without much worry.

In this video, he is joined by the host from Threadbanger. Another cool DIY channel worth checking out. Our favorite video is their investigation into galaxy lemonade!