Watch What Happens When a 980-Lbs Wrecking Ball Slams Into Bulletproof Glass

The energy this spiky wrecking ball delivers is massive.

"We drop stuff, we bounce stuff, we throw stuff, we catch stuff," this is the premise behind the popular Australian YouTube channel How Ridiculous, and they never disappoint. They should be your go-to if you have a knack for crazy extravagant experiments that can, from time to time, be a little scary since they are basically playing "cat vs. anything on the kitchen counter" with some pretty big and dangerous stuff.

The trio loves to drop things from great heights as you might have guessed already. Like in this video where they drop a car onto a giant axe from a 150-feet (45-meter) tower, they decided to put some poor objects such as a stack of doors and a bulletproof glass table against a 980-lbs (444-kg) "savage" wrecking ball. In fact, they collaborated with a metal business to create a massive, spiky wrecking ball to smash objects, so it's pretty impressive. Enjoy!

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