Watch What Happens When You Drop a Giant Ice Block onto a Trampoline

A trio of Australian YouTubers dropped a watermelon and then a massive ice block from the top of a tower onto a trampoline.

The How Ridiculous team on YouTube is known for everything, well, ridiculous. From world-record trick shots to running toward each other with sharp objects, it seems like there are only a few crazy stunts this team hasn't done yet. This particular video, however, might be one of the coolest videos the channel has produced yet. And when one looks at this video for a physics lesson, it's not nearly as ridiculous as it seems. 

The Australian trio decided to take a giant ice block and drop it from 45 meters high (or 148 feet). Not only did they agree upon an ice block, but they also wanted to add dropping a watermelon for another challenge. (The drops were not simultaneous, however.)

Before dropping the items in question, the guys debated as to whether or not either item would break their trampoline. They weighed both the watermelon and the ice block. The watermelon came in at 10 kilograms (22 lbs) and the ice block weighed an impressive 28 kilograms (61 lbs). 

First up came the melon drop. At least the How Ridiculous team decided to buy four melons. Despite their attempts to salvage each melon post-drop, the produce broke apart in pretty spectacular fashion. 

And as for the ice? It faired significantly better. The ice went so deep that the guys decided to dig out the sand underneath the trampoline to give the ice block even more room to fall (and then hopefully, shoot back up). 

But how did the trampoline itself do after the rigorous testing? Well, it survived but not without taking a few bumps. The guys might have to invest in a new trampoline just to be safe. 

Watch What Happens When You Drop a Giant Ice Block onto a Trampoline 

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