Watch Whether a Glass Ball Can Stop a 150-Ton Hydraulic Press

How well do you thing a glass orb is going to perform under pressure?
Derya Ozdemir

If you haven't been living under a rock, you probably have at least encountered the Hydraulic Press Channel YouTube channel where the hosts behind it strength test everything and anything, from raw meat to car spings, using hydraulic presses. The visuals, mostly filmed in slow motion, are striking without any exceptions, but this edition definitely takes the cake. 

In this video, the hosts behind the channel test how strong a giant solid glass ball is using their 150-ton hydraulic press and a 150-fon force sensor, trying the answer the question of "Can a huge glass ball stop a 150-ton hydraulic press?"

It is indeed an intriguing question since watching objects hold out for a long time before failing and exploding catastrophically can always be hypnotizing. A giant solid glass ball definitely fits the criteria. The war between the hydraulic press and glass sphere will probably make you wonder whether you should wear protective glasses. Enjoy! 

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