Watching Silicone Gain Color Is Oddly Satisfying

There's just something incredibly soothing about spirals. Maybe it's the symmetry. Maybe it's the perfect roundness that's so appealing. Few things make perfect spirals better than fresh silicone getting a color additive. If you're a materials science fan and need to relax, this video is definitely for you.

This video from Butser Rubber Ltd looks like really thick, blue roses getting smashed. With each roll, the silicone becomes just a hint bluer. Enjoy the soft purr of the powerful steel rollers. Watch as the silicone becomes like Play-Doh in a matter of minutes.

The company adds all kinds of ingredients to the silicone rubber. Everything from metals to boost conductivity to glow-in-the-dark coloring can change the silicone. Butser Rubber, a company based out of the United Kingdom, has several other satisfying videos all detailing some aspect of silicone production.

Via Butser Rubber Ltd.

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