Watching These 1,377 Plastic Pallets Topple Like Dominoes Is Incredibly Satisfying

The world record for pallet dominoes has been set by Exporta Global with 1,377 plastic pallets.
Jessica Miley

Watching domino chains is truly satisfying, but what happens when you scale up the pieces to pallet size? Luckily it's still just as delightful to watch, only insanely louder.

The workers at Exporta Global have just set the world record for the most pallets toppled in a domino chain reaction. The product handling company used 1,377 pallets stacked on their end to create the record.

None of the pallets were broken in the process and they achieved the official world record for most pallets toppling. It didn’t take long for the black and gray pallets to fall over making a wave formation in the company's large warehouse space.

The completion of the pallets the team of workers who put it together broke out in cheers.

Hot on their heels is Lidl who holds the record for the most wooden pallets toppled.

The supermarket chain set the record at a logistics facility in Madrid, Spain in May. The record was set with 1,232 pallets, each pallet represented an employee at Lidl logistics platforms across in Spain.

Lidl is extremely passionate about world records, other Lidl branches have set records too. Lidl Ireland set the record for most cups of tea made in one hour by a team of 12, impressively making 1848 cups.