Watching This Hydraulic Press Crash a Bunch of Food Is Both Satisfying and Disgusting

Ever wondered what a watermelon does under some seriously immense pressure?
Jessica Miley

The YouTube channel, the Hydraulic Press Channel has some really dedicated fans, to the point where the channel is selling merchandise based on the show. If you aren’t familiar with the channel, the basic premise is that a husband and wife team, Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta put things under their hydraulic press in their workshop in Finland.

In a video dedicated to suggested foods, the couple place food item after food item under a press plate with small holes drilled in it. While the format might seem a little predictable, what is nice about the use of a variety of foods is guessing exactly how they will be forced up through the holes. 

Meat, for instance, turns into pink worms, while pressing raw potatoes turned them into a frothy sort of pulp. Boiled eggs do something weird and smush the yolks and whites together to make a squirt of pale yellow strings. 

Pressing pasta dough is immensely satisfying, watch as the fastest spaghetti you have ever seen is made in front of your eyes. The final test is two bottle of Pepsi mixed with a ‘shitload’ of mentos. 

The idea being the press will break open the bottles and mix with the mentos to cause the classic frothy chaos. It isn’t a complete success, but watch the whole video to enjoy the charming couple's enthusiastic responses.