Watching This Paver Laying Machine in Action Is Incredibly Soothing

Jessica Miley

There is something meditative about watching people work, and this just gets increased tenfold when it's a super cool machine. If you are in the need for some soothing machine work, look no further than this paver laying machine. This nifty piece of machinery grabs a stack of interlocking pavers from a pallet, carries them over to the where they need to go, a human on the ground guides the machine to drop the stack into precisely the right place, and the machine lets go. Rinse and repeat. The pace looks almost leisurely though they are getting the interlocking bricks down at a cracking pace. Apparently, the paver laying machine is about 30% faster than two humans doing the same job. Paving would have to be one of the most back breaking jobs out there so the machine wins hands down.  

If this video sets you off down a paving machine wormhole, you need to check this Dutch designed machine that spews them out as a brick carpet. Granted it takes a little more work from the guys, who need to place the bricks into the mouth of the machine.  But they can do it from a comfortable standing position avoiding 8 hours of bending over. The layer of bricks that come out are perfect for driveways or vast expanses of paving. It just needs a layer of sand over the top to minimize movement. And now we are at it, end your brick machine journey with a few videos of actual bricklaying machines. These one arms robots lay down bricks for brick veneer buildings. Masons work next to the robots fixing the joints and supervising the work of the robots.