Ways of Protecting Our Precious Planet from Asteroid Impacts

How do we keep the planet safe?
Loukia Papadopoulos

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It's no secret that the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid which begs the question: what if we were to suffer the same fate? In today's advanced technological landscape, we tend to rest assured that we have some kind of solution for avoiding such a scenario. 

Unfortunately, we don't. What we do have in place are the first steps to protecting ourselves from incoming asteroids and meteors and that is detection. Our mighty telescopes do a great job of detecting any celestial objects that may be coming our way.

Data from these telescopes is scanned and analyzed to see if there are any moving objects and further calculate their corresponding trajectories. If a potential threat is identified, even more powerful telescopes are then used to obtain a better view of the incoming object.

Sadly, this is just the first step to ensuring we stir free of incoming space objects. What are the next steps? How far have we actually come to protecting our planet from foreign objects colliding with it? What is the technology currently being considered to deal with a dinosaur-era-sized asteroid? And how have we managed to stay safe thus far? We answer these questions and more in our video.

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