We Could Watch This Wall Mounted Rube Goldberg Machine All Day Long

This wall mounted Rube Goldberg machine is a wonder of engineering and aesthetics.
Jessica Miley

YouTube is full of videos of Rube Goldberg machines all of which are special and unique, but occasionally one comes along with a something extra. This latest video from Sprice Machines is just that. Watch as a little red ball goes on an adventure through a wall mounted chain reaction path. The little red ball goes up, down and around all powered by gravity and very ingenious spring-loaded traps and tricks. The variety of methods that are used to move the little ball around are astounding.

Steve Price is the brains behind the clever operation. What is exciting is the absolute variety of methods Price uses to keep the ball in motion, from simple ramps to using the spring force from pegs. In the description of the video, price describes his passion for creating these intricate contraptions. “Wall mounted tricks are my favorite type of chain reaction tricks and I discovered a lot of new techniques for building on pegboard while making this. I'm hoping to make this an annual project and you can vote to choose which color gets to go on next year's adventure!" he says. The aesthetics of this video are particularly wonderful. The whole thing is set up on a white pegboard with the ball that runs on blonde wood tracks. The other primary colors and hints of silver metal give the whole video a sense of a Scandinavian toy store. Price says this is his first wall mounted in five years but we hope he creates more of them soon!