Weird 7 Person Tricycle Costs an Obscene Amount of Money

Every so often there is a product that comes around that is so absurd, that you wonder who in the world would ever buy it. This is one of those products. It is a 7-person Tricycle sold by Hammacher Schlemmer that weighs 600 pounds and costs US$20,000. This vehicle is for the millionaire with an oddly specific amount of friends who all love tricycles, sitting in circles, and socializing while sweating.

In order to ride the 7-person tricycle, everyone sits down on their respective bike seats and begins pedaling. One person steers the vehicle, and everyone else gets exceptionally motion sick. Besides the fact that engineering a mechanism to allow 7 people to pedal simultaneously was probably difficult, not much about this seems practical, to say the least. Also, the advertising video is the creepiest video ever and everyone was most definitely on drugs while filming, check it out.

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