What Does Our Collective Internet History Say About Our Happiness?

What people are searching online says a lot about our secrete desires and fears.
Jessica Miley

Would you be ok with your browsing history being made public? ASAPScience has done some research into data collected by Google about the United States search history. Not surprising, a lot of it is about sex. Also unsurprisingly search history trends do change a lot according to gender, class, and location.

There are more than 3 billion Google searches a day, so examining common terms might give us an insight into how a country is feeling as well as our secret desires. The first piece of news from the ASAP Science video is that people are struggling to have sex. The term “Sexless Marriage” is 3.4 x more likely to be searched than “unhappy marriage”. While both men and women are searching about penis'. For every search by a woman that begins “is his penis", there are 170 searches by men also seeking answers about their genitals.

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The video also does some quick analysis of porn searches. According to their data, 5% of all porn searches are related to homosexual content. While within the top 100 searches on PornHub, 16 of them are somehow related to incest.

The ASAPScience guys put their idea of analyzing trends into real life practice and swapped phones to share their recent Google history with each other. It's as embarrassing and entertaining as you might expect.

What Does Our Collective Internet History Say About Our Happiness?

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