What Happens To Your Brain When You Drink 50 Beers Daily for 6 Weeks

Drinking 50 beers daily as the only dietary intake for more than a month — what could go wrong?

Bizarre medical cases never fail to interest thousands on the internet, and this one where a 42-year-old man whose substance abuse problems went as far as drinking 50 beers a day certainly lives up to its promise.

The video by the popular YouTube channel Chubbyemu follows the story of an alcoholic who was presented to the emergency room with status epilepticus, a 15-minute seizure. The medical staff was familiar with the man's alcoholism since he came to the emergency room before; however, this time, it was apparent that something was wrong. 

The man had started drinking every day 12 years ago and was admitted into the hospital 25 times for alcohol-related problems. He drank 50 beers daily, and this was his only dietary intake for more than a month.

Chubbyemu explains that this is a case of beer potomania, which is, according to the description box, a very specific case of hypotonic hyponatremia. If you want to learn more about it and see what happens to your brain when you drink 50 beers daily for 6 weeks, make sure you give this video a watch.

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