Here's What Goes Into Your Lungs With Just One Cigarette

We all know smoking is bad, but sometimes you need just another reminder to not pick up the ‘cancer sticks’. Luckily this video exists to show you exactly what you are sticking in your lungs every time you inhale. The concept is good and goes a long way to highlight the muck that even just one cigarette brings.

The video shows a plastic frame that allows for a small cloth filter to be placed on one side and a cigarette on the other side, in the ‘mouth’ of a smoker. The cigarette is then lit and smoked by drawing air through the cigarette and filter. Once the entire cigarette has been smoked the impact on the filter is revealed. Predictably it is not good. The filter is yellow, brown and appears to be quite sticky. Sitting next to a pristine white example the facts are clear. Smoking is bad.  

Smoking kills almost half a million people in the US every year, that is about 1300 people every day! Smokers are also expected to live roughly 10 years less than their non-smoking friends.

The problem is, cigarettes are highly addictive so the space between knowing cigarettes are bad and quitting can be glacial!  There is a myriad of ways to quit smoking from nicotine patches to hypnosis. And while the idea might be tough, your body can recover from the damage done by smoking in an incredibly short time. In fact, within 48 hours of your last cigarettes, damaged nerves start to regrow and food should smell and taste better! Surely that is a good enough incentive on its own!

Via ViralHog