What Happens When a Bullet is Fired on a Wall of 20,000 Magnets?

What does it take to stop an AK-47 bullet? This video reveals all the answers and more.
Jessica Miley

Before we even begin telling you about this insane video, we have to insist that you don’t try this at home, don’t even think about trying it! Created by MrBeast this video demonstrates what it takes to stop a bullet.

You’ve likely seen a film where a hero manages to shield themselves from an oncoming bullet with a frypan, timber table or even a passport. This very dangerous demonstration proves what will and what won't stop a bullet.

The premise is the two hosts bulk purchase a bunch of stuff, line them up end to end and fire a bullet at them, then measure and see where the bullet was halted. For example, it only takes two plastic buckets filled with water to stop a bullet but you’ll need more than 37 couch cushions to save your life.

However, the biggest drawcard of the video is a massive wall created from 20,000 tiny magnets. Can this wall of force stop a bullet in mid-air?

The wall was no match for an AK-47 bullet, however, a BB gun bullet will get sucked onto a powerful magnet if aimed just above it. The chaotic video is a little hard to follow science-wise, but the small BB pellet looks as though it is drawn to the magnet despite being fired at with very reasonable force.

Once again, don’t mess around with firearms at home!

Via: MrBeast

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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