What Happens When There Is a Fire or Flooding on a Nuclear Submarine

Fire and flooding on a submarine is nightmare-fuel, but there are ways to fight them.
Derya Ozdemir

SmarterEveryDay YouTube channel is loved by many and for good reason! Previously, he had done a deep dive aboard USS Toledo in the Arctic and went to places most have never been to. In this series, not only he provides invaluable insight but he also manages to capture mesmerizing footage in the process.

Since putting humans in a enclose space underwater is a delicate job, engineers need to think about how to handle situations that could jeopardize the boat and have to find ways of fixing such problems from within the submarine — before a small problem grows into a much bigger one that is! In this particular video, he goes onto describe how fire or flooding is fought against on a nuclear submarine. It is incredibly claustrophobic to even think about it, but he does such a good job of explaining it.