What Happens When You Crush a Vacuum Chamber With Hydraulic Press?

The Hydraulic Press channel is at it again, this time putting a vacuum chamber into the line of fire.
Jessica Miley

YouTube Channels like the Hydraulic Press Channel rely on viewers' suggestions to come up with their next new and interesting idea. After getting multiple requests to crush a vacuum, the team over in Finland finally did it. Unfortunately, it is pretty boring. Though isn’t exactly surprising science you are essentially crushing nothing. The husband and wife team behind the channel try desperately to make the video more interesting by adding some smoke bombs but we are putting this is the ‘not their best work’ basket.

Don’t let this one video put you off though. The channel is a reliable way to waste hours of your life watching things slowly get crushed and captured on a super fast camera. The team is generous with their slo-mo and almost everything they crush seems to have some sort of spectacular ending. We love the Giant Sandwich press for its gross factor and the making rainbow crayons video for its sheer joy factor. But if you were after a really cool video that involved a vacuum the guys from Warped Perception made series of videos of them burning model rocket engines inside a giant vacuum. These videos are great for both their setting - it looks like the experiments are taking place in a suburban alley. And for the host's totally laid-back vibe. This video was also made on the request of viewers, though the description also says its a sort of myth buster video for all the flat earthers out there that don’t believe rockets can fly in space.

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