What Happens When You Launch Fireworks From A Drone

Is it an entertainment machine? Or is it a weapon? Take your pick.

Ridiculous ideas are having their shining moment in history, and thankfully, some people are trying and capturing them for all of us to see so that we don't ever try and attempt them.

This action-filled video, brought to you by Beyond the press, is centered around one crazy idea: launching fireworks from a drone. It is as dangerous as it sounds, so you should probably never try it yourself; however, it is for sure that it makes for an entertaining video.

Also, there are a lot of onboard camera shots, which makes the whole thing feel like standing on the cockpit of a real fighter aircraft.  

The most bizarre part is that they don't really launch fireworks to the sky at this point, the drone has become a firework-shooting weapon that is fit for the Worms game.

They don't fly backward to aim up: They just shoot them straight into the ground, so it makes for an interesting watch indeed. While some kind of remote ignition would be nice, it still gives us the creeps since it has an "evil drones going after people in the woods and shooting them in 2100" vibe. What do you think?

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