What Happens When You Place 10 Kilograms of Hot Steel on 10 Kilograms of Dry Ice?

Lauri and Anni, the Finnish couple who run YouTube's wildly successful Hydraulic Press Channel, attempt to rapidly dissolve 10kg of dry ice with 10kg of superheated iron.
Shelby Rogers

Sometimes, a science experiment just doesn't work out how you'd expect it to. This video is clearly one of those instances. 

In this video, we see Lauri and his wife Anni go "beyond the press" and discover something new. (If the pair looks familiar, it's because they also operate the Hydraulic Press Channel, which is a favorite of our's at Interesting Engineering.) The Finnish couple wondered what would happen if they superheated a 10kg metal weight and placed it onto 10kg of dry ice. Lauri's hypothesis was that the dry ice would win out. He said that the sublimation of the ice takes a lot more energy than it would for the 10kg metal to cool. Anni hoped the red-hot metal would sear through the dry ice with ease.

"I think I will win and my wife will lose," Lauri said, to which Anni gave a sarcastic "As always."

After several tense moments of heating the steel, Lauri placed the metal on the ice and -- nothing. 

The pair had slowly been backing away for safety. (Both of their channels are filled with instances where experiments definitely got out of hand, so we understand the caution.) But as they stared at the ice and the metal barely reacting, they became visibly disappointed. 

"...it's not doing anything!" Lauri said. 

We understand Lauri and Anni, it happens. If you're looking for the traditional explosions and surprised expletives found in these red hot vs cold videos, check out the rest of the Beyond the press channel. And if you want a bunch more of Lauri's crazy antics, definitely check out and subscribe to his main channel -- the Hydraulic Press Channel.