What Happens When You Put a Massive Neodymium Magnet Next to A Mouse?

The Action Lab tests the diamagnetic strength of a pet mouse up against a monster magnet.
Jessica Miley

Ever wondered what would happen if you put a giant magnet up against a pet mouse?

Luckily, the answer does not involve any damage to the mouse. In fact, because the mouse, like all objects, is diamagnetic, the mouse is repelled by the magnet and hence is pushed away from it. The mouse doesn’t feel anything because every cell in its body is repelled by exactly the same force. All objects are diamagnetic but some also attract magnets stronger than they repel them, such as steel.

Watch this very entertaining video from The Action Lab to find out more about the concept of diamagnetism. In the video, channel host shows off his $800 magnet in a variety of experiments. It is incredible to see just how powerful this small block of metal is. The magnet is so strong that when he holds a light steel butter knife in his hand it connects to the magnet so strongly, it leaves an imprint on his hand.

The Action Lab describe their purpose as ‘performing exciting experiments and answering questions you never thought to ask!’ They have a huge cache of videos covering all sorts of topics from squashing unusual objects in the hydraulic press to discovering what happens when you magnify extremely bright lights.

The channel aims to educate through explaining concepts applied to specific situations rather than just focussing on the algorithms or calculations behind it. The Action Channel hopes to inspire people to understand science through exploratory experiments in real-world situations.

Via: The Action Lab

What Happens When You Put a Massive Neodymium Magnet Next to A Mouse?

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