Mechanics Test What It Takes To Make A Lada Front Flip

This Lada is up for some street workout.
Derya Ozdemir

There's flipping cars, which is the art of buying used vehicles at low prices and quickly selling them for a profit, and then, there's literally flipping cars. As always, the Russian mechanics from the Garage 54 channel have come up with a bizarre video idea that you can't help but watch the whole way through: Can a Lada do a flip? Not just any Lada, but the one they've modified by fitting four diffs in previous videos.

Using metal beams, the mechanics build a contraption resembling a swing that they will be mounting the car. Then, they secure it by the rear axle to get it spin around its own axis and see whether it will have the power to do a flip. Building the construction takes the bigger portion of the video, but it's fun nonetheless since they have to overcome some engineering challenges before actually doing the experiment.