What Would Happen If You Shredded Your Arm in a Garbage Disposal, YouTuber Answers

The fake hand used for the experiment came complete with 3D printed bones.

We have all seen those useful but kind of creepy garbage disposals in sinks that shreds anything that falls in them into tiny bits. Now, how many times as a kid have you put your hand in the disposal residue not realizing the danger you were in?

YouTuber William Osman is fully aware of this scenario and decided to create an illustration of what would happen to a hand if it actually got caught in a garbage disposal while it was turned on. Don't worry, no humans were harmed in the making of this video as the hand used for the demonstration was completely fake.

He started with a banana and showed us just how destructive the disposal could be on the fruit. Needless to say, we were scared before but seeing the decimated banana really got us terrified.

He then proceeded to build a fake hand complete with 3D printed bones. Once he had all the anatomically correct bones he then used some gooey transparent material to mimic the hand's muscles and skin.

What did he then do with this realistic hand? He placed it in the active garbage disposal of course. The end result is a sight you have to see to believe so we will let you watch the video now.

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