What Would Happen If You Spilt Two Drops of Organic Mercury on a Gloved Hand?

When a renowned scientist spilled two drops of organic mercury on her gloved hand they thought nothing of it. But several months later her brain function started to decline. This video describes what happened next.
Jessica Miley

This fascinating video presents a mysterious medical case of a scientist who accidentally spilled a tiny amount of organic mercury onto her gloved hand. As this was a highly experienced researcher wearing the appropriate safety equipment, the person, dubbed KW, thought nothing of it. However in the weeks following the spillage their health started to severely decline. KW went to the doctor suffering extreme weight loss, blurred vision and lack of general coordination. Despite seeking medical help, the symptoms continued and got worse.

A blood test reveals her blood mercury levels are more than 4000MCG/L. The upper normal limit for a healthy human is 1.0MCG/L. But what is confusing to doctors and KW herself, is that symptoms of mercury poisoning should disappear or reduce after exposure to the chemical is stopped. KW hasn’t been in the lab for months now, but their symptoms are increasing. Unlike mercury which is a metal, organic mercury is well absorbed by the body and its chemical makeup means it is attracted to be stored in fatty tissue inside the body, rather than in the blood where it could be processed by the liver. To combat the poisoning, KW is given a drug called succimer that is designed to trap the metal compound and remove the mercury from the blood via urine. It appears to be working as her urine was 160 percent higher in mercury in the 24 hours after the first dose. However, her neural decline continued and it was determined by doctors that the mercury was accumulating in her brain. Nothing was to be done. Watch this incredibly detailed video to understand the seriousness of chemical exposure.