What Would it Be Like to Drive Half an Alfa Romeo?

Jeremy Clarkson has invented a new segment for his popular online show, The Grand Tour called 'HalfA Romeo."
Jessica Miley

If you aren’t familiar with the online show The Grand Tour, it involved motor journalist stars Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May getting up to all sorts of trouble in a range of delicious and dangerous vehicles. The Second season is being filmed now, but it seems like the team has run into trouble. Told by executives to get rid of the segment ‘Celebrity Brain Crash’, Jeremy Clarkson is forced to have a new idea. This isn’t the easiest of things to do for the celebrated journalist.

But the results are very amusing.

Clarkson envisions a new segment called ‘HalfA Romeo’ - where you guessed it, celebrity guests are asked to drive half a car around a closed off track. While we assume the budget for The Grand Tour has to be around the same figure as the GDP of a small country, for Clarkson to get his idea off the ground he takes an angle grinder to the Romeo himself. The team then take the butchered vehicle out to the track and give it a spin. Unsurprisingly this isn’t very easy.

First James May takes it for a drive but ends up spinning off the track fairly quickly. Clarkson then identifies some staff from the production crew who he thinks will be bad drivers and therefore more on par with a celebrity's driving skills. They too struggle to control the 'Halfa Romeo.' The Grand Tour has promised that the show will feature two very special guest celebrities, so if this teaser has you on the edge of your seat, stay tuned to its premiere on December 8th.