What's Inside a Tesla Battery? Watch One Get Thrown off a Roof to Find Out

Jessica Miley

Curious about what is inside your Tesla batteries? Look no further than this video from “What’s Inside”.  The father and son duo from the video series, Dan and Lincoln, smash open a Tesla battery rack to show us exactly what is going on. They start by explaining they are getting rid of their family car, a Model S Tesla.

So because they had a spare Tesla battery rack for the car and because their hobby is smashing stuff, they do just that. First, they hypothesize if they shoot a metal-tipped arrow at the battery it should go ‘kabang’. Dan sets the battery up underneath the kid's cubby house and stands back a reasonable distance before taking a shot. The arrow lodges between the metal casing and the battery cooling strip, while obviously doing some damage, no exciting fireballs. To speed it up, the next logical step is obviously to throw the battery off the roof.  

It takes several goes and there still isn’t any kaboom, but the battery does get smashed to pieces which does offer an educative investigation. Check the video for all the details, but the design is a very neat combination of cooling strip woven between the stacks of batteries, all encased in a plastic and metal box. Each Tesla Models S has about 16 of these battery racks, in total carrying about 7,000 of the small lithium batteries.

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These smaller batteries get hacked at by Dan with a very lethal looking hatchet to reveal some nasty looking battery acid. It is fair to note they do urge viewers to not try this at home and to take precautions when handling any kind of battery.

Via What's Inside?