What's Inside The World's Only Water Elevator?

Hawaii's Grand Wailea Resort, the island's second largest hotel, is home to the only water elevator on the planet.
Jessica Miley

The water elevator at Hawaii's Grand Wailea Resort was built in 1991 to help the park's owner's physically disabled son travel back up from the bottom of the water slides. The ingenious invention is the only one in the world.

Users go through a small door to the inside of a tall cave-like room. People stand on the metal platform, the door is closed and water is pumped into the room, lifting the platform up to the top of the park.

The water is then drained out to lower the platform back down. It takes 16,000 gallons of water to raise the platform up and down.

The park is pumping 25,000 gallons every minute to keep the whole water park running. In this video, the father and son duo from the ‘What’s Inside’ YouTube Channel go and check out the water elevator getting a behind the scenes VIP tour.

Unsurprisingly the system is comprised of a series of complicated pipes and pumps that allow it to move up and down all day safely. Although quite odd, we have seen even stranger elevator concepts and designs.

The Grand Wailea's wondrous water park is a unique hotel complex made up of a series of water slides that connect pools and other aquatic activities. It is Hawaii's second largest hotel.