Which iPhone Wins When Comparing a Decade of iPhones?

Watch as every iPhone ever released is compared side by side. Who is the fastest of them all? The results may surprise you!
Jessica Miley

It’s been ten years since Apple released the first iPhone and a lot has changed. While the world eagerly awaits the release of the anniversary edition of the phone, the iPhone X one tech enthusiast thought it was time for a little recap. This video from EverythingApplePro takes us on a journey from the very first iPhone up until the iPhone 8 showing us the features and differences each of the models has. Can you believe the latest iPhone is 150 times faster than the original phone?

The first test the phones underwent was to determine which phones turned on the fastest. While this doesn’t seem that important -- as most of us actually never turn our devices off -- it might give an indication of what is happening under the hood. Not surprisingly the newest phones turned on first, but then the original phone snuck in at number six, beating out the other eight models. The video continues putting the devices through a bunch of speed tests until finally the camera and videos are compared.

Of course, the newest iPhone is the winner here, but the quality of the earlier phones till do stand the test of time producing some still very reasonable results. The video is impressive just in its scale. Being able to line up and test 17 devices at once requires some serious filming and editing skills. Hats off to EverythingApplePro and we look forward to the promised updated video that will add the iPhone X into the mix.

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