Who Wins The Lava Versus Dry Ice Challenge?

Combining these two temperatures extremes should not be tried at home.

This is definitely not an experiment to try at home. But definitely watch from the safety of your couch. In the recent big freeze of North America, YouTube was inundated with videos of people throwing boiling water into the freezing air to enjoy instant vapor. But this video takes the idea of combining extreme hot and extreme cold to the maximum.

Yup, actual lava and dry ice.

If you were even considering trying this, you’d need to first find lava rocks. Then you’d need to melt those said rocks in a kiln of some sort until they are liquid and around 1400C°.

Luckily YouTuber, PressTube has done this for you - so you don’t need to! The experimental video maker then pours the real lava onto the dry ice which is about -78 degrees Celsius. The liquid quickly turns into globs, that have a very cool impression of the dry ice chips on their base. the majority of the dry ice didn’t exactly melt, but it did heat up and the red of the lava caused the entire bowl of the ice to take on a cool pinkish glow.

If you are into things getting melted down and remade, stay tuned to PressTube’s channel for some upcoming gold casting experiments.

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