Why Do Bees Just Keep Staring at Flowers After Feeding on Them?

They are not having a long romantic goodbye.
Loukia Papadopoulos

In this latest edition of the Scishow, the YouTubers discuss a funny and yet adorable trait of bees. It turns out that bees stare at flowers after finishing pollinating them.

Is this a romantic way of thanking the flower? Why do bees partake in this strange practice? A study decided to do the research on this matter, because all research is equally important, and found out that bigger bees did this more often than smaller bees.

Upon further study, they realized that the bees were trying to remember the location of the flowers they had pollinated. They were therefore starting to take a mental image of all the flowers' surroundings. Why? 

Because if a flower was a really good source of nectar, they wanted to be able to return to it. How ingenious!

The smaller bees did not do this as much because they are too small to carry a lot of nectar. They are therefore assigned tasks near the nest and when they do go foraging they do so near the nest.

It seems that nature in its infinite wisdom has planned for everything in a bee's nest. Watch the video to learn more about this fascinating bee practice.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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