Why Buy a Tesla Cybertruck When You Can Make Your Own

Can't afford a real Tesla Cybertruck? Then build your own mini version.
Christopher McFadden

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Are you a fan of the Tesla Cybertruck but don't have the "readies" to buy a real one? Then why not put your 3D printing and electronics skills to the test to build your own RC version?

RC cybertruck complete
Source: Nikodem Bartnik/YouTube

Like any project of this nature, you are going to need a few bits and bobs. For this build, you will need:

The first step is to 3D print the various pieces needed for the main body of the RC Cybertruck. You can find all the files you need here

diy RC cybertruck print
Source: Nikodem Bartnik/YouTube

Beware, this part will take a long time to complete. The one provided in this example took somewhere in the order of 30 hours just to complete the main body parts.

Once complete, remove 3D printed support sections and stick the two main body pieces together, as shown in the video. The creator of this RC car used epoxy resin to "weld" the pieces together but you can experiment with other solutions as well. 

DIY RC cybertruck sand
Source: Nikodem Bartnik/YouTube

You may also wish to sand down the surfaces to give the model a more smooth finish. You can also use some basic filler to cover over the print lines on the outer surfaces of the bodywork too. 

Once cured, you can then begin to paint the model. The creator spent a long alternating between paint and spray filler to get the look he was after, but the final aesthetics are completely up to you. 

DIY RC cybertruck paint
Source: Nikodem Bartnik/YouTube

This particular RC has a metallic finish with black spray paint on its windows. 

With the paint job finished, the next phase is to work on the main chassis. Using a combination of ball bearings, a steel rod cut to size for the axle, and the relevant 3D printed parts, the main drive chain can be assembled as shown in the video. 

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DIY RC cybertruck main drivechain
Source: Nikodem Bartnik/YouTube

The creator then turned to the front steerable axle. Steering is provided by a servo motor. The main chassis has been mounted on a custom cut piece of plywood. 

RC cybertruck front
Source: Nikodem Bartnik/YouTube

See the video for more details on this part as no dimensions are provided. You will also need to assemble and wire up the main controller PCB board as shown in the video.

RC cybertruck PCB
Closeup of custom PCB. Source: Nikodem Bartnik/YouTube

Once again no circuit diagrams have been provided by the creator so you will need to wing this bit. No code for the microcontroller has also been provided.

RC cybertruck play
Source: Nikodem Bartnik/YouTube

With this part complete, add a battery, combine the upper 3D printed body with the completed chassis, and take it for a spin!

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