Why Don't We Just Nuke Hurricanes?

SciShow explains why it is not wise to take on one of nature's most powerful forces with one of man's most powerful weapons.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Hurricanes are devastating events that wreak havoc wherever they occur. Amidst all the damage, people have often wondered: why don't we just nuke hurricanes?

Well, SciShow is here with another video to explain exactly why that would be such a bad idea. Hurricanes are made of clouds and wind so people assume that blowing up a nuke inside them would disperse the wind patterns.

This is not so, explains SciShow. For starters, there is also all the damaging radiation that comes from nukes. But furthermore, it would not even weaken the hurricane.

"There is more than 10 times as much heat energy in the average hurricane as the entire human race uses in a year" explains SciShow.

As always, it turns out nature is more powerful than even our most powerful weapons. That would be an important fact to consider as we keep messing with climate change.

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