Why McDonald's Ice Cream Machines Are Out of Order All the Time

No, it's not simply because they're not cleaning it properly, it goes way deeper than that.
Derya Ozdemir

No one with a sweet tooth can refuse the cold, creamy, soft-serve goodness that is McDonald's ice cream. However, dreaming of that perfect cone is as painful as it is delicious since, every time you get your hopes up for one, the answer you get most of the time tends to be the same: "The ice cream machine is broken."

It is safe to say that this is a problem that almost every McDonald's customer has likely experienced once or twice. Moreover, the ice cream machine being down deletes numerous options from the menu, since it means no sundaes or McFlurries. To be completely honest, McDonald's pies and cookies are not that great, so they are not good substitutes either. So what's really the reason? Why are McDonald's ice cream machines always "broken"?