Video Explores Why Robots That Bend Are Better

These smooshy robots may have future applications in space exploration.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Robots are starting to appear everywhere from our supermarkets to our tennis courts. But which are robots are the best?

According to YouTuber Veritasium (Derek Muller), the best kind of robots are those that bend. Why? Because they can do very little to harm humans.

The YouTuber visits Stanford Ph.D. student Zack Hammond who has created a human-sized red robot that can bend and twist and turn into different directions. Despite the robot being quite expensive, Hammond encourages Muller to test it out.

Muller does his best with the robot. He even stands on it and punches it. But the flexible robot simply bounces back.

Then, Muller sits in the middle of it while the robot simply flips over him without touching so much as a hair on the YouTuber's body. In terms of safety, that is as good as it can get.

But are there other reasons why bendable softer robots are better than their harder counterparts? Muller says that they are better for space exploration. Now he has piqued our curiosity.

If you want to see these robots in action and want to find out more about why they are better than harder robots, watch the video.


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