Will a Wrecking Ball Actually Break a Bank Safe?

How safe is a bank safe, really?

Dropping stuff on other unsuspecting objects can be a lot of fun — just ask cats about it, or the guys from the How Ridiculous team on YouTube, who are famous for everything that is, well, ridiculous. Although it appears like there are only a few wild things that this crew hasn't attempted yet, with one of the most notable being the time when they dropped a 980-lbs wrecking ball onto bulletproof glass, this specific video may be one of the most entertaining videos that the channel has ever made.

The Australian trio decided to drop a wrecking ball on a bunch of household objects to determine how much damage it will inflict — and then, in order to see how safe it truly is, they chose to test it out on a bank safe.

The ball is impressively spikey which might just well make it the scariest thing they've dropped. The sound of the impact is rather frightening, but it's always entertaining to see things get destroyed, so make sure you give the video embedded above a watch, and as always, enjoy.

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