Will We Have Enough Battery Material to Power 100% EV Adoption?

The hosts of Now You Know explore this crucial question using sound estimates and precise calculations.
Loukia Papadopoulos

No one can deny that we are witnessing an electric vehicle (EV) revolution. From Uber paying extra for drivers to switch to EVs to private firefighters expanding their fleet to include electric cars, it is very likely we are soon to see these vehicles everywhere.

However, one question that we don't usually think about is whether we have the materials to support the ever-growing battery needs that will emerge with this evolution. The media often says we do not have enough lithium for this case scenario. Is this true?

Lucky for us, educational technology YouTube channel Now You Know asked the question and even gave us the answer using sound and wise estimations. How did they do this?

The series' hosts first calculated what the size of the average EV battery will likely be when we reach 100% EV adoption. They then looked at these special batteries' constituents.

But that is not all. Estimating that we may reach 100% EV adoption by 2043 (a bit early by most predictions but the hosts insists this is possible), these curious YouTubers calculated how many EV cars will be on the road and of course how many corresponding batteries will be needed.

We won't tell you what the answer is but we will tell you these YouTubers even give us estimates for a worst-case scenario. So watch and learn!