Woman Crashes Drone on Tiny Island, Undertakes Adventure To Recover It

After her drone got stranded on an island, this YouTuber had a pretty steep adventure waiting for her.

After her drone got kind of Icarus-ed and was stranded on a tiny island off a secluded beach in Thailand, YouTube channel Brooke on Foot had to go on foot to save her drone, undertaking an unforgettable adventure.

The island she crashed the drone on was thankfully not very big; however, it was very steep. Brooke on Foot says in the video that she knew getting the drone back was going to be pretty challenging, so she needed a foolproof plan.

Thanks to the drone's app, she was able to narrow down the search area which made things relatively easier. She devised a plan to climb the island on foot, and in the end, she decided that going during high tide and in a kayak would give her the most height. This was her best chance to climb onto the island, according to her.

Once she made it onto the island, however, she had to determine the safest route to climb through the vegetation. Watching her go through numerous challenges in her journey will make you feel wanderlust for sure. Enjoy!

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