Wood battery: Is this the future of energy?

Could this be the future of the industry?
Loukia Papadopoulos

It seems that there is a new development in batteries and energy storage every week. These range from the use of new materials to the amplification of the efficiency of old batteries.

In this video, Matt Ferrell discusses the rise of the use of wood in batteries.

“With the ever-growing demand for electrifying everything, we need more sustainable and renewable batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are cost-effective but rely on lithium, graphite, and other materials, whose sourcing has significant environmental and social impacts,” says Ferrell in his video’s description.

“One potential solution is being developed where wood is used to replace these materials with a bio-based, renewable alternative. So, would wood work, or is it just… deadwood…?”

The clip explains the development of wood use in batteries and its potential for the future of this technology.

How do wood batteries work? What are the latest breakthroughs in the industry? How viable is the wood battery industry? What is the future of this technology? What obstacles is it currently facing, and how quickly can it develop? This video answers all these questions and more.

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