Woodcarver Builds Semi-Functional Chevy Silverado

It even has a working suspension system and windows that can actually roll up and down.

YouTube's Woodworking Art channel is a heaven for those who love watching woodwork come to life and cars. It simply brings the best of both worlds together. From Bugatti Chiron to the new Ferrari SF1000, the replicas created by the channel are incredibly detailed and products of masterful workmanship. This video will take you through the process of creating a wooden replica of Chevy's latest Silverado, the 2500 HD.

It could be said that the channel has truly outdone itself this time; however, the same thing can also be said for each new model they make. This particular one has a working suspension system, four opening doors with windows that can actually roll up and down, and mirrors that can be folded in and out. Moreover, its tailgate is fully functional and it has a hood that can be opened to show a clone of the engine bay.

The little details certainly take this wooden replica up a notch: The mock parking sensors, tow hooks, and running boards that pop in and out make you appreciate the attention to detail even more. Go on and watch the video, you won't be disappointed. 

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